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Hi, my family has a lot of ill-conceived notions about homeschooling and the public school complex. Can anyone recommend a good book or website on the history of education in the U.S. with a particular emphasis on non-traditional modes of education (incl. homeschooling, unschooling, magnet/charter schools, etc)?

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Milton Gaither wrote a book about the history of homeschooling. There is also a book written by a dad who debunks some homeschooling myths. If you want something about the history of education, there is an interview Forbes did with the guy that started Khan Academy that goes through the history of education. We found it interesting! They talked about how we put kids in age brackets kind of like an assembly line.

Answered on April 1, 2019.
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There is a great documentary called Indoctrination.

Answered on May 27, 2019.
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