Anyone know of FREE Homeschool Testing?

My son is getting ready to start middle school (6th grade) and I’d like to do more formal testing. Does anyone know of a FREE testing service I can find online? I have pored over the google search info and I’m not coming up with anything comprehensive.  It would be ideal to find ONE site to test all subjects. Is this out there?  Thanks!!

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I do not know of a free academic test.  We use the California Achievement Test (CAT) purchased from Academic Excellence.  It is by grade level and tests for math, reading, comprehension,and language/vocabulary/spelling/etc.


We used the untimed version, purchased for $25.  It self grades which is great and it is all online.  Well worth the money for us.

Answered on May 27, 2019.

Thank you so much for this info and the link is appreciated too! That’s a very good price based on some of what’s out there.

on June 13, 2019.
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On the same line of the previous answer, If you happen to have a Masters Level Degree or Higher, or know someone who does, You can register with ABeka and you can buy the SAT and a number of other nation wide tests ($25), to administer yourself (or whoever has the Masters and higher Degree can administer.) In a familiar setting (like your home). I know other homeschool companies also sell the tests and will probably have a similar system as Abeka. You will have to call and see if the company you buy your curriculum from, also has national testing available through them. (Most of the ones that have an academy that you can register for will have the testing options available.)

This testing is the same format as they would do if they went to sit the test at a testing site. Once the test has been administered, you then send it all back to Abeka and they process the answers then email/mail the results to you with the national averages so you have a good idea where your child is placed nationwide according to skills and abilities & subject areas.

It is also the same testing that they would need to do for College entry exams so it gives them a good idea of how the tests will look, sound, wording, and structure. They will also have to answer using the computer analyzed answer sheets required by most testing facilities. The SAT is not a timed test, so this is great  for many different learners who struggle with the time, pressure of time, or the constraints of time on a test, even those who just don’t test well, will find the “no time constraint” a big help, resulting in better results.

My kids have been doing them since they were in Kindergarten and are very familiar with the formate now, that I know they will be fine when they come to sit the SAT’s for college entry. The language and the structure of the questions is important for them to be familiar with as it can throw many kids off if they have not sat an SAT previously. I will not need to spend money on SAT prep classes or practice tests because they will be very familiar with the SAT’s as a result of doing them every year…..

I now help out some families in the area with administering the test for their children as well. Including public school kids, who’s parents are wanting to compare their children’s school reports with the national average.

As for “free” testing? I don’t think that really exists, because you are still going to have to pay for the actual test itself. Even practice tests cost you these days. Also, remember that all national testing has a specific window for the testing to be done……usually somewhere between April and May all testing needs to be completed and submitted.

I hope this helps…..


Answered on May 27, 2019.

What a wonderfully thorough and comprehensive answer! Things I never knew. My sister has an MBA so we will try that. I am very grateful for the thought and detail you put in your post here. Such a good idea to be doing this annually for $25 and the test to gain familiarity with the language and structure of these tests. Love that they are not timed too. Thank you so much.

on June 13, 2019.
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I’ve found the LifePac diagnostic tests useful. They’re free for download at

Answered on May 28, 2019.

Oh these are a perfect way to close out the year and they cover all the subjects. The “price” is just right too. Thank you so much for taking the time to post here and share the link!!! This is just what I was looking for this year.

on June 13, 2019.
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