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We are excited that you have chosen to join this amazing group of colearners. This is a space for you to ask homeschooling questions, help other colearners on their journey, and connect to families across the country.

Let us show you around!


When you land our Community Homepage, this is what you will see.

SIGN UP (and Sign In)

You can read questions and answers without being logged in, but you will need to sign up or sign in before you can ask a question or leave a response. To sign up, you can click on the top right hand corner (Log in or Register) or you could click on the Ask A Question button. Once you do that, you will see this pop up.

You can sign up via email or by using your Google login (click on the red G).


Once you are logged in, you can start asking questions, answering questions, leaving comments, and voting on other questions and answers.

To ask a question, click on the green Ask a Question button. You will see a popup (see below) that will ask for the question, category, explanation box, and tags. The top box (Your Question) should be a summary of your question in short form. If you have extra details or more information to share about your question, add that to the text box below. You can also add an image, share a link, create a bulleted list, etc using the formatting buttons at the top of the text box. Don’t worry–this isn’t a requirement! Just a bonus feature if needed.


Categories and tags can help your question be found by other colearners. When you click on the Select a Category box, you will see a drop down of options for you to choose from (see below). You cannot add a new category, but these are pretty broad so you should be able to find one that works for your question. Tags can be added by you, so these will be able to be more specific.


Answering a question is very similar. Simply start typing in the text box found below the question (and below other answers, if that question already has one or more).


You can also leave comments for others. You can do this for questions and/or answers. This may be used to clarify somebody’s question or to ask for more details about an answer.


You will also have the ability to vote on a question or answer. This is similar to other sites where you like, love, upvote, etc. It can show your agreement (or disagreement) about an answer or show that you also have that question. You can vote up by clicking the up arrow or you can vote down by clicking the down arrow. The green box will show how many votes that question or answer currently has.

That’s it! You are now ready to start asking, responding, and voting. More importantly, you are ready to get to know the amazing members of this community!

Still have questions? Send us an email: hello@colearn.club. We are happy to help!

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  • Rachel Dewey May 13, 2019

    Love our Fred Books


  • Tammy May 13, 2019

    Good morning, my family and I would really like to see this new program site become successful. It can bring more awareness to homeschooling, black families, curriculums with reasonable prices, more families coming together and Legislative changes for us as a whole.
    Be Blessed


  • geriluis May 13, 2019

    This is SO helpful! Thank you!


  • JacqDanielle May 13, 2019

    Excited to see the new site can’t wait for it as a mom of five I always have questions and of course having five means I’ve been through a thing or two so I have some insight and would love to share it


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